The substance of Guardian Angels Japan is crime prevention.
However, Guardian Angels Japan also hopes to provide the youth of the country with a model for anti-crime and community service in order to make the future community a much safer and enjoyable one. Some of the programs and activities at Guardian Angels Japan are the Cyber Guardian Angels, the Junior Angels, the Samurai Juku, Angels Week in Shibuya, safety patrols in the community as well as the schools, security support to community events, graffiti cleaning, speaking engagements, seminars and training.

Cyber Guardian Angels

Functioning as a "virtual 411" safety destination, the program addresses the concerns of parents, the needs of children, on-line abuse and cyber crime, while supporting the right of free speech.

IT professionals and law enforcement officers from around the world work together to combat Internet crime, and due to a close working relationship with law enforcement agencies, CyberAngel volunteers have been instrumental in putting child pornographers and predators behind bars, where they belong.

Teachers, librarians and parents work together to teach children and teens how to take advantage of the Internet's vast resources safely, and provide online classes and in-school workshops on many topics concerning Internet issues for the general public.

Junior Guardian Angels

Our Junior Guardian Angels Program is a great way to involve teens and pre-teens as part of a viable solution to crime, violence, gangs and substance abuse. Junior Guardian Angel clubs help to educate young teenagers and motivate them to participate in community safety projects, inspire them to learn, and empower them to be achievers. Junior Guardian Angels do not participate in Guardian Angel safety patrols.

The goal of this early prevention program is to break the cycle of violence by teaching important values to our youth that they may not receive at home. With so much peer pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol, to join gangs and to choose violence as a means to resolve disputes, the Junior Guardian Angels program is very influential on their development in society. In this program, children are taught how to make "correct" choices. These youngsters meet with community leaders, police and fire departments, learning to appreciate and respect their neighborhoods. Junior Angels builds self-esteem through role-playing, verbal defense skills and community projects.
These youngsters are also required to keep a weekly literacy journal as they learn it is "cool to care."

Samurai School (Samurai Juku)

Guardian Angels Japan's Samurai Juku is composed of trained professionals in various martial arts, including juujitsu. They are a patrol team by themselves who specify in martial arts.

Guardian Angels Week

One of the goals of Angels Week is to get not just all members of Guardian Angels Japan to concentrate service in one area for a week, but to also get the community and officials involved in community-care activities. The citizens need to be aware of their own community and this event helps the citizens of that particular location to get started on reducing crime in their own area. This event has been done in Yokohama and Shibuya.

Safety Patrols in the Community

The world famous Guardian Angels Safety Patrol Began 24 years ago with 13 brave individuals aboard the Number 4 train in New York City. Since then, these Patrols have been the focal point of each of the Guardian Angels Chapters, in all their locations around the globe. Safety Patrols have several objectives:

To be a visual deterrent to criminal activity
To act as positive role models within the community
To provide extra eyes and ears for law enforcement and to report all suspicious activity
To intercede and to assist civilians
To exercise the right to perform citizen's arrests


All Guardian Angels are specially trained for these roles before they are allowed to go out into the streets. This includes mental, physical, and emotional training which lasts for several months prior to an Angel's graduation.

After that time, each Angel is required to continue training on a regular basis to ensure that their knowledge is kept complete and up to date. Read more about the training and requirements.

If you are interested in joining a Safety Patrol, please contact the chapter nearest you using our Chapter Locator.

Safety Patrols in Schools

Specifically to provide safety information to PTAs. Guardian Angels walks with PTAs to help them beware of certain dangerous issues in the areas surrounding their schools.

Security Support to Community Events

Guardian Angels help out at community events in order to help keep the peace at these events.

Graffiti Cleaning

Guardian Angels, work with members of the community, to help clean up graffiti in their area.

Speaking Engagements

Guardian Angels speaking engagements are invitations by various groups in the society, such as the Junior Chambers, Lions Club and the Rosary Club. Guardian Angels are asked to speak regarding crime-prevention.


Guardian Angels seminars are solely provided by Guardian Angels Japan with the goal of informing the public and officials of crime-prevention.

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