The Alliance of Guardian Angels Japan, Inc
Profile of Keiji Oda
1. History

1971 - Born in Kitami-city, Hokkaido
1987 - Entered Hokuto high school in Kitami-city
1989 - Graduated from Stanhope Elmore High School in Alabama State
1989 - Entered Boston University
1990 - Joined the Guardian Angels
1992 - Made leader of the NY city headquarters
1995 - Established the Guardian Angels Tokyo headquarters
Present - Director of Guardian Angels Japan

2. Current Executive Positions
  • Director of the Guardian Angels Japan, inc./International Coordinator of the
    Alliance of Guardian Angels, inc.
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Director of the Tokyo Mind- Revolution
    Promotion Association

3. Committees
  • The National Police Agency, Total Security Meeting
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Safety Community Association

4 Memberships
  • Japan Non Profit Organization Research Association
  • Japanese Association of Sociological Criminology
  • American Society of Criminology

5. Lecturer Positions
  • Kurume University, the Economics Department
  • Kanto Regional Police Academy

6. Current working positions
  • Executive, Guardian Angels Security, LP
  • Executive, Oda Kimono Shop, Ltd
  • Executive, Oda Corporation, Inc.

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